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Pupil Checklist

They might be in a rush to start tackling motorways and other high speed roads, but we need to make sure we’re taking the right pupils on at the right time. 

Use our handy checklist below to help you, as well as using your own knowledge and experience, to assess pupil readiness. 


  • Are you confident they are ready to tackle driving in this environment?
  • Have they had a number of lessons already on other high speed roads (i.e. dual carriageways)?
  • Have they practised joining, acclimatising, changing lanes, planning ahead, overtaking and exiting? Our research identified these as areas of concern/’fear’ for pupils and ADIs.
  • What preparation or briefings have you given them about the distinct risks and challenges of motorway driving, and how to manage them?
  • Have you taken them through how to best plan that first motorway lesson? This is a good tactic and gets them thinking about having to plan every motorway journey in the same way.
  • Have you taken them through a checklist for motorway, and other high speed road driving? This includes:
  • Vehicle readiness
  • Driver readiness
  • Journey planning
  • Breakdown equipment and know-how
  • Traffic
  • Weather
  • Tracing – letting others know where you are, your ETA or any issues
Drive over to the Pupil section for more learning on the above topics.

Trainer Toolkit

We’ve pulled together some resources you may find useful in developing your training in this area:

Training on high speed roads

Sample Lesson Plans

Pupil Checklist

Are you up to speed when it comes to high speed road training?


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