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You are now allowed to take your test-ready pupils on motorway driving lessons in a dual-controlled car

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Educational Courses

The DrivingHub website has been created using behavioural research, to increase the confidence and knowledge of road users when driving on high speed roads. The courses are:​

You, Your Vehicle and Your Journey

You: Creating a safe physical, social and emotional environment.

Your Vehicle: Vehicle Safety Checks

Your Journey: Journey & Route Planning

Course 1

Your Awareness and Driving Conditions

Your Awareness; Reading the Road; Driving Conditions
Course 3

Driving on Rural Roads, Single and Dual Carriageways and Motorways

Road Types, Speeds, Signs & How to Drive on High Speed Roads: Rural, Single, Dual, Motorway/Smart Motorways
Course 2

Other Road Users

Being a considerate driver and protecting other road users
Course 4

Managing Breakdowns and Incidents

Managing Breakdowns; Managing Incidents
Course 5

In this area of DrivingHub you’ll find a range of useful advisory resources for driver trainers supporting learners and new drivers.

We know many trainers already regularly train in a high speed road context. The opening up of motorways to learners is a valuable opportunity to extend that training. For those more experienced trainers, DrivingHub can be seen as a useful training partner, allowing pupils to develop their knowledge, in and outside of lesson time, using the interactive learning resources.


For trainers less experienced in delivering training in this environment, DrivingHub can offer you some helpful guidance and direction – including sample lesson plans and checklists.


And finally, for those instructors who may struggle to regularly expose their trainees to motorway training in particular (for example, due to living far from a major high speed road), encouraging your pupils to use DrivingHub’s resources means you can still help them develop crucial knowledge of this area of driving.

Trainer Toolkit

We’ve pulled together some resources you may find useful in developing your training in this area:

Training on high speed roads

Sample Lesson Plans

Pupil Checklist

Are you up to speed when it comes to high speed road training?

Learner Drivers on Motorways

Learner drivers are now allowed to take motorway driving lessons with an Approved Driving Instructor in a car with dual controls.

Trainee driving instructors won’t be allowed to take learner drivers on the motorway.

Learner Drivers on Motorways

Learner driver will be allowed to take motorway driving lessons with an Approved Driving Instructor in a car with dual controls from Monday 4 June 2018.

Trainee driving instructors won’t be allowed to take learner driver on the motorway.

The changes are being made to allow learner drivers to:

  • get broader driving experience before taking their driving test
  • get training on how to join and leave the motorway, overtake and use lanes correctly
  • practise driving at higher speeds
  • put their theoretical knowledge into practice

How the change will work:

The change will apply to England, Scotland and Wales.
Learner drivers will need to be:

  • accompanied by an Approved Driving Instructor
  • driving a car fitted with dual controls

How driving instructor associations are approaching the changes

The DrivingHub has been developed in partnership with the Driving Instructors Association, Approved Driving Instructors National Joint Council and Motor School Association Great Britain to support the DfT deregulation of motorways. Please click on the logos below to see how each school is approaching the change.



The National Associations Strategic Partnership is a representative body focused on promoting the interests of Approved Driving Instructors (ADIs). It is formed of representatives of the three main membership associations for driver trainers in the UK. Our aim is to protect and promote the interests of professional driver trainers and help support the profession in its goals to improve driving standards and road safety in the UK.

Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency - Further Information

The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency and Department for Transport have informed the development of the DrivingHub through their sites and standards including the National Standard for Driver Training.

Pace Notes and Navigator Dashboard

Pace Notes is a FREE app and online portal that has been produced in partnership with government agencies and driving associations.

The app is available for all learner drivers and instructors to be used alongside their driving lessons and practice sessions.

The Navigator Dashboard is an online portal for approved driving instructors (ADIs) to use to assist with lesson planning, teaching and learning strategies.


Visit the DVLA website for all information on driving licences

Pace Notes

Download your FREE driving assistant app and Navigator Dashboard

Safe Driving for Life

Safe Driving for Life is a one-stop information resource for all drivers from beginners to professional instructors
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